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Phuket Island

Freedom Beach

A ten minute ride by longtail boat out and around the headland at the extreme southern tip of Patong Beach brings you to one of the most beautiful and isolated beaches on Phuket.
Accessible only from the sea, this isolated beach with its dazzling white sand will make you forget about the hustle and bustle of Patong.
This is a private beach that is open the public, there is a small restaurant and a few beach chairs. Visitors arriving by longtail boat are welcome, but others arriving independently may not be allowed to stay.
While you laze around on the beach you can enjoy the beautiful scenery and magnificent rock formations that guard the entrance to the bay. Don't forget your mask and fins because the marine life that abounds on the coral reefs here is among the best on Phuket island.
To arrange a longtail boat ask one of the locals on the beach about renting one. The owner will soon appear and you can bargain for a price. Figure on THB 400 for an hour, or THB 1.000 for the day (Longtail boats will hold six to eight passengers).

Karon Beach

Karon Beach, PhuketOnly ten minutes by tuk tuk from Patong Beach lies Karon Beach, following the picturesque coastal road of Phuket. This beautiful, four kilometer stretch of white sand is seldom crowded even in high season.
This makes Karon Beach a good choice for a more peaceful style of vacation, with fine resorts like the Felix Karon near the beach and the Marina Cottage on the hills overlooking the bay.
In the southwest monsoon season from May to October there are occurring sometimes strong undertows and it is recommendable to look out for warning flags. The waves at this time of year on Karon Beach can become big enough for surfing. The southern end of Karon Beach has the most surf activity and there are surf boards for hire.

Kata Beach

Phuket Beaches: Kata BeachLocated immediately south of Karon Beach around a rocky headland and a little cove is Kata Beach, a little village with the unobtrusive resort of Club Med occupying the center of the beach. The bay is winged by smaller hotels, resorts, restaurants, bars and boutiques.
Kata and Kata Noi, its smaller cousin to the south, are quiet beaches. Crystal waters and a wide choice of recreation together with lots of elbow-room are the highlights of the Kata area.
This is the beach of choice for snorkeling and diving because it remains shallow for about thirty meters from the shoreline. Koh Poo, the small island off the north end, has a lively coral reef that offers excellent in views in the marine life of the region.

Nai Harn Beach

Phuket beaches: Nai Harn BeachFine clean sand and clear water make this one of Phuket's nicest beaches.
Only one hotel is located on the beach, the Phuket Yacht Club. This gives Nai Harn Beach an atmosphere of tranquility like no other.
The monastic center Samnak Song Nai Harn in the center of the beach claims most of the beachfront land, preventing further tourist development. Several little restaurants on the beach serve up some of the best food on the island, at local prices!

Nai Thon Beach

Phuket beaches: Nai ThonOne of the most isolated beaches on Phuket is Nai Thon Beach. The road to Nai Thon is hidden within the extensive rubber plantations in the area.
To reach it, you have to drive from Surin Village north past the turn to Bang Tao Beach, continuing along the road a few more kilometers, you get to a small village and turn left at the intersection.  The road will climb up into the hills overlooking the Andaman Sea and finally down again to Nai Thon Beach.
Nai Thon Beach is a peaceful, quiet cove, well sheltered from the wind and offering wonderful swimming. Both ends of the beach are flanked with rocky headlands jutting out to the sea. The coral and rich marine life offer excellent fishing opportunities.
There is a small fishing village across the road from the beach with one small bungalow complex and a few small restaurants.
There are seldom more than a few people on the beach but if you want total solitude backtrack down the road south keeping a sharp lookout and you will find two more small, unnamed beaches.

Pansea Beach

With a total length of only 250 meters, Pansea Beach is a small and exclusive cove on the northwestern coast of Phuket. Its secluded location gives it a special feeling making it, for many visitors, one of the finest beaches on the whole of Phuket Island.
Intricate rock formations on both ends of Pansea Beach together with a lively, colorful coral reef near the shore offer excellent snorkeling opportunities.
Access to the beach can only be gained through the grounds of one of the resorts adjacent to the sand. This adds an extra bit of privacy and exclusivity to this idyllic vision from a postcard paradise, making Pansea Beach maybe even more worth a visit.

Patong Beach

Not many years ago, Patong Beach was a remote island village on a long crescent beach. Today, Patong Beach is most famous beach of Phuket and one of the most developed beach resorts in Southeast Asia.
Almost three kilometers long, the beach itself consists of beautiful white sand and is set in a deep oval bay, ringed by lush green mountains. Despite the higher level of development here the ocean remains clear and clean.
Phuket Thailand Beaches: PatongBehind the new beach promenade, the coast line is almost solidly lined with hotels, ranging from simple guesthouses to luxury international resorts, together with other services such as restaurants, shops, banks and tour operators.
At night, this is the center of the famous Phuket night life. It centers around the main east-west street of Soi Bangla, and here you find numerous a go-go bars, beer bars, restaurants and discos. A good time can be had by all.
Patong Beach is a public beach and there are no closed or reserved areas for any of the resorts. The beach chairs and umbrellas, however, are rented from private vendors for a small fee. Many other services are available on the beach such as traditional Thai massage, drinks, ice cream, fruit salad, etc.
At the south end of the beach, you can hire a longtail boat for transportation to the neighboring beaches like Freedom Beach or just to have a great view of the town. A full range of water activities is available here, from jet skiing to parasailing behind a speedboat. If you seek an adrenaline rush, this is the right place for sure…
Those seeking a less commercial and quiet atmosphere may want to head north on the beach road a short distance to the intersection with Phrabarami Road (which means "road constructed through Royal influence"), the main road to Phuket Town. There is an opportunity to find small seashells that often wash ashore here and just around the rock outcroppings to the north is the much quieter Kalim Beach.


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